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Journal to spark joy: 6 reasons to write Morning Pages

Updated: Oct 3

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Now all our spaces spark joy and we have Marie Kondo'd our homes. It may be time to further scrape the pond scum off the fountain of life and do some housekeeping in the inner rooms. It's possible that beyond what has been falling out of our closets, our own hearts have been choked with the urgent, "important" things, and even escapism and mere drivel. Are you ready to waken your heart and spark even more joy?

Journaling has the unique ability to draw the physical act of working with our hands together with the thoughts and intentions of our hearts.  It can give expression with exactness, helping determine between  essential and what is not, and help us go through the day with our souls awake.

When the veil is thin between our dreams and our waking, it is not unusual that unique and brilliant things are surrendered to a journal in the early morning hours. Julia Cameron has written about the practice of 'morning pages' in her book The Artist's Way. 3 pages of free written prose has the habit of yielding the most honest conclusions, persistent aspirations and deepest joys before the sun comes to waken our sensibilities.  It is a practice beneficial to not only artists, but all who would bring to their craft clarity and purpose.  There is no science to the practice besides to give yourself time to fill 3 handwritten pages of free written journal entry.  If you are a bullet journaler, free writing may not be in your general repertoire, but incorporating morning pages to your practice only involves a note in your index.  Keeping a separate journal for morning pages may be a good idea, as you may not want to carry around such raw and powerful ideas to work along with your bullet journal. 

Rise early, engage with real pen and real ink, connect them to the thoughts that rise in the morning mist before the sun comes to burn them off.

By practicing the habit of filling 3 blank pages daily, journaling can help you: 

1. Begin the day with mindfulness, and set you on a frequency of living in the present for the day.

2. Become aware of the things that keep you from the present.


3. Grow in alertness to abundant beauty by the arts of noticing and of gratitude

4. Grow in responsiveness by creating space and time to absorb and react.

5. Practice solitude and inner fulfilment

6. Grow in intentionality Perhaps you will take hold of the present and find it joyous, and the life that used to look like a never ending list of chores, crowded by too much Stuff begins to look like abundant life.   


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