• Rachel Beckmann

Gather Yourself

Updated: Aug 20

There is much that you love, things that you hope, joy just beneath the surface, and understanding to be had. Before they get away from you, open your journal and stand before its blank pages. Hear your favorite pens, humming with pent up words, waiting to call forth understanding and beauty. Take up your craft again, the words you have been given; hear the heart that beats in your breast; let the mind that you are tending speak. Here, let not silence reign, but seek, and find. Take hold of what is in you. "There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know until he takes up the pen to write."- William Makepiece Thackeray. Let's begin this journey. Examine your life; call forth its riches. Gather yourself, gather your pages and your pen and your ink, and begin to create.


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